Reshaping Edmonton With Infill Development

 Edmonton’s housing market is growing and evolving. More and more, people are beginning to think about how the city is being built and in what ways it can be shaped to reflect our vision for the future of the city that we call home.    Through infill development we are able to revitalize Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods and build bridges between old and new communities. Infill allows for the opportunity to improve Edmonton’s neighbourhoods; whether by replacing deteriorated single-family homes, constructing more energy efficient row houses, or assisting in making Edmonton’s homes more affordable by adding on garage suites or rentable basement additions.    

Defining Infill 

To put it simply, infill means to build new on an old lot. From apartments, houses, and duplexes to garage suites, detached homes and mixed-use buildings, constructing these new developments in mature neighbourhoods assists Edmonton in breathing new life into existing spaces.   Infill homes can also be referred to as Narrow or Skinny Homes. Despite their name, skinny homes utilize innovative building methods to design spaces that have a narrow footprint but effectively and efficiently uses that small space to elevate the homeowner’s lifestyle, and assist in gathering community.  

The Evolution of a City 

There is a growing demand for walkable urban living, which brings forward the concept of “missing middle” housing. Edmonton has become dominated by highrise condominiums and apartments that fulfill the need for inexpensive, inner city living, and single-family homes have crowded the suburbs and created a dependency for vehicle use. By finding that middle ground and developing row housing, stacked row housing, low rise apartments and courtyard housing in our urban centre, we are diversifying the choices that are available to the various family structures that exist in Edmonton, and keeping our city vibrant and affordable. 

Creating Healthier People and Communities 

Infill development contributes to the growth of diverse communities, the revitalization of local businesses, the conservation of natural resources, and much, much more.    With Edmonton being one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, it is essential that we revive it’s mature neighbourhoods with thoughtful and innovative developments that provide options for the various financial needs of Edmontonians. For the city’s neighbourhoods to remain alive and energetic we must build homes that are closer to the core and create flexibility for the people living in them. By densifying existing neighbourhoods, we stop expanding into the rich ecosystems that surround the city and instead allow for more walkable, pedestrian friendly and energy efficient neighbourhoods.    Ndura is a boutique home builder focused on revitalizing YEG’s inner city neighbourhoods with trendy single and multifamily developments. If you’re interested in letting us build your custom infill home shoot us a message